Is It True Family Lawyers Are Often Biased Against Men?

When it comes to family law, different situations arise each day. There are times when parents decide to separate because the relationship isn’t working out and they need to make arrangements to figure out who is going to have the children on certain days of the week. Child custody and child support situations are common because relationships between partners don’t always last but working something out for the children is important. It’s the best way to make sure the children are getting time with both of their parents.

There is a common belief that family lawyers are a bit biased against men and tend to favor women in the courtroom. You may be wondering if this is even true. The truth is that the situation varies from case to case, but biases do exist at times. If you’re a man who is interested in fighting for custody of the children, you’ll need to know what to expect before you start hiring a lawyer and fighting your case in the courtroom.

Unfair Treatment in the Courtroom

Did you know there are many men who believe the family court system fails them? They may feel like they’re not being treated nearly as good as their former partners, women who share custody of the children with them. So, where does it all stem from? There is a strong belief that children have quite the attachment to their mothers and that is one of the main reasons the law is often on their side.

It’s the women who carry the children, give birth to them, and even breastfeed them, which often creates such a strong bond that can’t be replaced. However, that doesn’t mean a father’s role isn’t equally as important in other ways. The father may not be the one carrying the child, but if it weren’t for him, conception wouldn’t have occurred in the first place. A father can’t breastfeed but can still build a strong bond with his child after the child is born by holding, feeding, and spending plenty of time with the newborn.

While father’s do play a significant role in a child’s upbringing, such an important role is often overlooked when a separation between the two parents takes place. Many lawyers and judges feel like the children should get more time with their mothers because most mothers have that nurturing instinct and are often the primary caretakers. A judge could decide to give a woman more quality time to spend with the children than the father based on custody decisions that are made in the courtroom. As a result, the father loses out on spending quality time with the children, which can cause issues for the children and the father over a period of time.

When situations like these happen, fathers often end up resenting the family court system, believing they were treated unfairly and are missing out on time with their little ones because of decisions that were made by a judge. When children aren’t getting as much time with their fathers at they were used to getting, they may start acting out at home and at school. The inequality hurts everyone involved, including the mothers who may not realize it at the time but would likely have to deal with the children acting out due to the changes that have taken place in their lives.

Is There a Way to Avoid the Unfair Treatment?

If you’re trying to get some sort of custody of your children, whether it’s shared custody, primary custody, or even sole custody, you’ll need to make the right decisions immediately. Start by hiring a family lawyer who isn’t afraid of a challenge. You should hire a lawyer who has experience working on cases for men instead of just women. You want to make sure you have someone on your side who has experience and wants to help you achieve the most desirable outcome possible.

In addition to hiring a professional family lawyer click here who takes on cases for men who are seeking custody of the children, consider mediation. The lawyer you hire may try to work something out with the mother of the children during mediation sessions. It’s better to come to an agreement during mediation than to go to court because then a judge gets to decide your fate.

The judge could be biased against men, ultimately giving the mother of your children more time to spend with them while you could potentially lose out on more quality time. If you don’t want to take risks, trying to work something out during mediation is ideal. While mediation is often beneficial, it doesn’t always work, especially if the children’s mother isn’t cooperative.

If you’re seeking sole custody because the mother of your children is a danger to the children and to herself due to drug addiction, mental health conditions, or other issues, you should gather as much evidence as you can. While many men often feel like the family court system has failed them, there are men who’ve been awarded full, sole custody of their children due to the mother being neglectful, absent, or even addicted to different substances. If you can provide some proof of the different things that are going on, it could work for you rather than against you in the courtroom. You can’t just make accusations unless you have some proof.

Doing What You Can For Your Children

Now that you understand how the system tends to work and you know the odds may be stacked up against you at times, simply make sure you’re hiring a trustworthy and reliable lawyer. You need to have a legal professional by your side for complicated situations involving the children. While the system may seem to favor women most of the time because children often have an unbreakable bond with their mothers, that doesn’t mean the bond you have with you children is any less important. As a father, you have rights to your children and you should never stop fighting for them.