The Best of Family Lawyer Sydney CBD

It can really be a stressful and emotionally draining as well as challenging phase of your life when you either go through divorce, a property settlement or gaining the custody. It’s important you choose the right and suitable firm when you decide to take such crucial decisions of your life. However, choosing from among the best family lawyer Sydney CBD can prove to be a task as they are all really commendable, nevertheless one has to take the decision. When you have a great support from these solicitors then the journey might not seem so negative or unachievable.

Have a look at some amazing familial lawyer Sydney CBD!

Navado (legal and financial group)

Being in the field for over two decades now, their sense of work and approach has already gained that recognition and appreciation. Your difficulties and legal complication are handled with lot of care and sensitively. They have even conducted their proceedings in Federal Magistrates court of Australia carrying out the complex or simple disputes with an open mind.  This leading Sydney divorce lawyers provide solutions to your issues with a mixture of technical competence, vigour and great skill. They move along and are at par with the changing scenarios and constantly evolving case law and legislation.

Their lawyers have dealt with various serious issues including;

  1. Binding of financial agreements
  2. Child custody
  3. Child relocation
  4. Child orders of recovery
  5. Visitation and contact rights
  6. Property division
  7. Hague convention
  8. Contravention applications
  9. Arbitration, mediation and conciliation
  10. Separation  and more

O’Sullivan Legal

If you’ve heard of law firms in Sydney you must have heard about O’Sullivan. Their advices regarding your legal disputes are effective, affordable and reliable. Their practices are focused and flexible. As a matter of fact, who you choose to support you in this sensitive phase of your life makes an impact on your future as well. They promise to guide you strategically in order to make a big and immediate difference in people’s life. The wealth of expertise that this team of household prosecutors Sydney CBD possess is commendable. They strive for winning and excellence.

John R Quinn (JRQ)

Is a specialised law firm that is respected for its reputation and work? Their work is nothing less than an art with extreme discretion and utmost professionalism, the kind of knowledge they have for their profession is amazing. Being an accredited specialist in Sydney they tailor their process according to everyone’s individual situation.  From expatriate citizen’s matters and property settlement to de-facto relationships and wills, they are confident about each case they fight. They are empathetic, approachable and attentive and assist you with empathic and clear voice, keeping you informed on each step. You can easily trust this great family consultant Sydney CBD as they are thorough professionals who will take you out of your misery as soon as possible.


So untangle all those relations and issues you are stuck in and get the proper support from the law to help you come out as a winner and a stronger person from the situation.