Business Litigation As well as Interim Purchases In Cyprus

In the following paragraphs, we will concentrate on presenting meanwhile orders as well as injunctions within Cyprus legal courts. Specifically, under Area 32 from the Courts associated with Justice Regulation (14/1960), Cyprus Courts possess the judicial capacity to issue meanwhile orders, “in just about all cases by which it seems to the courtroom just or even convenient to do”, provided the subsequent conditions tend to be satisfied through the Applicant/Plaintiff:

  • It appears how the Applicant/ Plaintiff includes a probability to acquire a favourable reasoning;
  • A severe issue arises to become tried in the hearing;
  • It is actually difficult or even impossible, when the interim order isn’t issued, to complete complete justice in a later phase;

Cyprus Legal courts can give international meanwhile orders:

An essential fact that should be taken into account is how the Cyprus Courts come with an established judicial capacity to issue worldwide interim purchases, only in the event that one the next conditions is actually satisfied:

  • The Participants are susceptible to the within personam legal system of Cyprus Legal courts.
  • The assets to become blocked can be found within the actual jurisdiction from the Cyprus Legal courts.

Types associated with Interim Order that may be issued through Cyprus Legal courts:

  1. Very cold injunctions (Mareva)

Freezing injunctions could be issued with regard to assets, such as movable (debris, funds, gives, goods, and so on. )#) and/or immovable home, situated within Cyprus or even abroad. Concerning assets located outside Cyprus, the respondents ought to be residents from the Republic associated with Cyprus as well as must be susceptible to the legal system of Cyprus Legal courts.


  1. Injunctions stopping the particular acts or even events

Cyprus Legal courts can concern orders to avoid certain functions or occasions, for example, the execution of business decisions, the actual convention associated with Shareholders Conferences of Cyprus businesses, the conference of Yearly General Conferences of businesses, etc.


  1. Breakthrough and Looking up orders (Norwich Pharmacal)

Within the context associated with such programs, Cyprus Legal courts can concern orders with regard to:

  • Disclosure a good oath with a respondent from the location as well as value associated with his/her property;
  • Disclosure associated with information as well as documents regarding assets miserable or stolen in the Applicant/Plaintiff to be able to enable the actual victim associated with fraud in order to trace his/her property, to determine the wrongdoer as well as pursue lawful proceedings from the real tortfeasor.

The breakthrough order could be issued towards banks as well as professionals no matter banking secrecy or even professional opportunity etc.

four. Chabra Purchases (Garnishee)

The “Chabra” very cold orders tend to be injunctions released by Cyprus Legal courts against the defendant besides the primary defendant, where you will find reasonable grounds to think that the co-defendant is within a procession or even control associated with assets to that the principal accused is beneficially titled.