Public Arrest Records Search.

Public Arrest Records

Criminal records searches are a vital part of today’s society. Countless private and public entities conduct records investigations of this nature on potential criminals every day to make sure they know exactly who it is they are dealing with. This said, there are a number of details that a person can find in a records search of this kind. One of the most commonly sought after is public arrest records. While many people consider conviction records more significant than anything else listed in criminal records, we review the significance of arrest records in relation to a criminal history. In this category on public arrest records, we examine why these records may useful, as well as legal factors that might limit the amount of arrest records information you have access to in a criminal records search.

When it comes to finding criminal records information on a person in your network of contacts, it is crucial to include arrest records information from public arrest records.This is because knowing not only the fact that the subject was detained, but also the nature of the crime for which they were detained listed in arrest records; might quite possibly have a stronger bearing on the case than the disposition records. While it is significant if a person is convicted of the same crime for which they were detained, it is also important to know the details of the incident and case proceedings, listed in the arrest records. A good way to elucidate this point is in the case in which a person may be taken into custody for a first time offense, and have this offense either plead down to a lesser degree of crime and/or had the charges dropped altogether. Moreover, a person may be detained for a felony crime, and had it plead down to a misdemeanor offense. In all of these situations, the end result is what it is listed in the respective criminal arrest records; despite the fact that the nature of the crime that they were originally detained for, is just as pertinent to a criminal records evaluation.

With these variables in mind as regards arrest records, it is also necessary that someone seeking this type of arrest records information understand that depending on what jurisdiction the crime occurred in and the nature of the crime and criminal; the records information that they would otherwise seek in a public arrest record might be withheld from them. The way that regulations in this country goes is that the federal government puts forth general legal guidelines for which to help states approach and penalize crime in their courts. It is then the burden of the state jurisdiction to further specify which crimes, criminals, and criminal details should be prosecuted more severely or mildly; and which are available for public records review. This said, many states consider arrest records without subsequent convictions eligble for expungement or sealing of this arrest records information from public access. Other examples of state liberty with expungement of records is if the crime committed was a first time offense, a misdemeanor, happened at least 3 years ago, occurred when the defendant was a minor, etc. Depending on the state in which the crime was processed, any number of criminal records can be left out of your search, including arrest record information.